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How to Create the Best Wardrobe With Your Clothes


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When we walk out of the door in the morning our clothes make a statement about us. The clothes we keep in our wardrobe project to others who we are without ever talking to them. Maybe you closet is full of clothes that you had big plans to mix and match together to create fabulous outfits. But everyday you end up wearing the old same stand by outfits again and again. Organizing your wardrobe can have a big effect on your life don’t forget about it when you’re thinking about which home organization project you’re going to move on to next.

Most of us believe the more clothes you have the more choices you will have. We collect more and more clothes. We spend years building up a wardrobe and holding on to clothes. We ignore our home organization goals in order to of jam just one more sweater or pair of pants into the drawer. But does it really create more choices for us? Instead of growing our wardrobe we become overwhelmed by all the clothes in our closet. It starts feeling like that ever growing to-do list full of projects that we really mean to complete or for that matter start. Our closet becomes filled with clothes that we never wear. Faced with the disaster our closets have become we go back to the same shirt and pants combo that we always wear, it is safe and we know where to find it! It seems counter intuitive, but less clothing means you end up wearing more outfit combinations.

Start your home organization by asking yourself a few simple questions. In order to decide what will stay and what will go ask yourself: 1. Have I worn this outfit in the last two years? 2. Does it fit me? 3. Do I have a lot of this item? Who wants to try on outfit after outfit and find that nothing fits. Having a closet full of things that aren’t your size can be discouraging and dispiriting. If you are keeping clothes that are too big “just in case”, believe in yourself! Live in the now, don’t keep things that are too tight. When you reach that size again you’ll want to buy some new stylish things anyway. Wearing the correct size clothes will leave you feeling your best no matter what the size.

It will be easy to say goodbye to some clothes. Honestly answering the above questions will make it obvious that some things should go or stay. If you can’t decide about an item, mark the hanger. When that items season ends and you haven’t worn it get rid of it! You can dispose of clothing in a couple different ways. If something is torn or worn out, toss it. Donate your gently used clothes, there are a large number of places that would gladly take them. There are some things that we hold onto because some time ago we paid a lot for them, if they are in good condition, take them to a consignment shop. Make some extra money cleaning out your closet!

You can try one of several methods to organize your “keep” clothes. Break your closet space into sections, for example casual and work. Or it could work best for you to group in categories pants together, than short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, and jackets. Further organize these categories by grouping in like colors. Don’t want to plan something to wear day of? Hang whole outfits together in chunks. That will make picking an outfit for the day very easy. Some clothing needs to be foldedScience Articles, remember that when organizing. Heavy wool sweaters will become damaged on a hanger. Their shape will be destroyed by gravity. Your wardrobe will look better and last longer if you store it properly.

Keep at it. When you decide how you’re going to organize be diligent about sticking to it. It is said it takes 30 days to turn something into a habit. Make a promise to yourself that you will make a conscious effort to keep your new wardrobe organized for the next 30 days. After 30 days you shouldn’t even have to think about it. Use this tip for all your home organization projects. Making something a habit reduces stress and means it is one more thing that will always be organized.